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Moray East Offshore Windfarm Project


Moray East is being developed in the Outer Moray Firth and is located 22km off the coast of Scotland. Seaway 7 were responsible for the transport of all jacket foundations fabricated at Lamprell’s Hamriyah fabrication yard.

  • Project Moray East Offshore Wind Farm
  • Location Hamriyah, UAE- Nigg, Scotland
  • Project Type Foundation Transportation
  • Assets Offshore heavy transportation was executed between March and November 2020 using Seaway 7’s heavy transport vessels Seaway Albatross, Seaway Hawk and Seaway Osprey.
  • Date Awarded September 2019
  • Completion Date November 2020

Project at a glance

In November 2020, Seaway Hawk arrived at the Port of Nigg, carrying her second load of ten jacket foundations from the UAE, for the Moray East Offshore Windfarm. This concluded a successful eight-month transportation campaign which utilised three of the company’s specialist heavy transport vessels, with Seaway Osprey, Seaway Albatross and Seaway Hawk working in rotation.

Seaway 7 transported a total of 48 three-legged jackets from Lamprell’s Hamriyah fabrication yard to the Scottish installation port. The foundations averaged more than 1,000 tonnes in weight and 80m in height.


  • Jacket foundations were amongst the largest in deployment for offshore wind turbine, averaging more than 1,000 tonnes in weight and 80m in height.
  • Each 12,000 nautical mile journey from Hamriyah to Nigg, via the Cape of Good Hope, took between 39 and 53 days.
  • Three of Seaway 7’s heavy transportation vessels working in rotation on the 8-month transportation campaign.


Stability analysis, load on/off ballast procedures and out motion analysis was carried out in parallel with the client. Seaway 7 worked in collaboration with consultants to design and install deck strengthening on Seaway Hawk. OHT also designed and installed a passive anti roll tank on Hawk to make it equal to the other HTVs in sailing capacity.

‘The jacket foundations are amongst the largest in deployment for offshore wind turbines. We are immensely proud to have played a key role in delivering such a critical component for this remarkable offshore wind project.’

Egil Ismar
Project Manager
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