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Heavy Transportation

Seaway 7 (previously OHT ) is one of the most experienced heavy transport vessel operators in the world, providing highly engineered transportation solutions for the most demanding cargoes – safely and on time. We are known for precision in project execution, but flexibility in everything else. This is why we see so many repeat customers.

The five open deck semi-submersible heavy transportation vessels; Seaway Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, Seaway Osprey and Albatross are suitable for dry transportation of offshore wind foundations, offshore modules and all other oversized floating and non-floating cargoes.

Transport Fleet

Heavy Transportation:

  • Offshore wind foundations
  • Substations
  • Jack-ups and liftboats
  • Cranes, jackets, barges, dredgers
  • Modules, ship sections
  • Other Floating/non-floating cargoes

Seaway 7’s semi-submersible vessels cover size classes for cargoes up to 40,000 – 55,000 mt.

Prior to the project execution, careful planning is performed in order to secure a safe operation. Each cargo requires thorough study of technical details to bridge the gap between theoretical calculations and practical solutions on board. Our engineers are involved in the whole project process and keep close communication with the customer, loadmaster, and ship captain.

Engineering Transport

Seaway 7 offers tailor made solutions for every transport. Some of the engineers have been in the business since the early days of semi-submersible heavy transportation vessels and have encountered a large range of challenges with all types of cargo.

The team is cross trained and works in a systematic manner with tested in-house tools. This all contributes to our particular flexibility when it comes to completing jobs on time

High Grillage

Seaway 7 has transported a large number of cargoes on high grillage and keeps a store of standard grillage frames in strategic locations around the world in order to offer short response time to clients. If the stored grillage is insufficient, a bespoke design can be ready with a short lead time of approximately 3-4 weeks.

As one of the most experienced operators with a special training program in place for our crew, the execution of our operations is preformed with the least risk to life, environment and assets.

Additional Services

If your cargo needs extra time for the crew to prepare for the next assignment, Seaway 7 can assist in making the arrangements necessary for carrying crew. As many as 100 people have stayed on a cargo during longer voyages. Seaway 7 will arrange permit applications to the authorities. The ship can provide utilities like communication, power, cooling water, diesel, and access. Any other requirements like extra lifesaving appliances and welding equipment can be arranged by Seaway 7 if needed.

Transport Fleet

Dry Docking

When time is of the essence, Seaway 7’s heavy transport vessels can be used as floating docks. A offshore structure going into dock for refit or leaving a yard to go on hire, can remain fully crewed during the mobilizing voyage on our heavy transport vessels. Hawk offers a 55.5 m wide working deck that allows hull cleaning or steel repairs. Seaway 7 can arrange for permits for the ship to carry extra workers that stay on the ship or on the cargo during the voyage, keeping the cargo warm during transport.

For a floating asset in a remote location that needs to be docked on short notice, our ships can mobilize at speeds in excess of 13 kn.

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